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    Via Cenobio Basiliano, 23
    73028 Otranto (LE) ITALIA

Cristina Conte

Cristina, the owner of the restaurant, did not have a typical route to the top, rather her experience and knowledge is based on continual research and study of the most innovative and original culinary techniques; but without ever forgetting the tradition of her native region. About twenty years ago Cristina began her career in Otranto, first in her father's famous restaurant "Dal Baffo", well known throughout Italy for over thirty years, and then continuing the family tradition with a clever new challenge - L'altro Baffo, a great fish based restaurant .


Her "school" is learning through travel, often venturing abroad, particularly in places where the tradition of Salento can be blended and infused with distant flavours and exotic tastes to create surprising combinations. And so returning to her kitchen Cristina seeks new ways of interpreting recipes, always finding the right balance between the traditional and the experimental. Cristina also draws inspiration from the myriad publications by the great chefs from international cuisine, of which she has a huge collection. From these sources she proposes a cuisine that deepens, reinterprets and challenges the tastes.