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The salento's fish dishes

It is easy for a kitchen ingredients used, starting from flour or unrefined barley, less expensive than wheat. For the use of home-grown vegetables and wild herbs that can offer Salento, along with other products of the earth. For the use of blue fish, evaluated today, but at one time the only fish that people could afford. For the shortage of meat dishes too expensive for the farmers.

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The Salento is a peninsula, so even the fish occupies an important place , especially near the coast . The most used is the blue fish and many varieties of shellfish . Among the recipes, remember the "purpu in piñata" , which is the octopus cooked in moist and takes its name from the earthenware container used to cook it , the " piñata " ( pot ) . Of note is the scapece , typical dish from Gallipoli, but widespread in all three provinces of Salento , which is a preparation that allows the conservation of the fish for a long time : you use the blue fish , especially a variety called "pupiddi" , which are fried and preserved in a mixture of breadcrumbs , vinegar, saffron , olive oil extra virgin olive oil. Spread is also the consumption of cod that is consumed in the winter period , also in combination with the dough. Among the seafood are very popular with the mussels which prepares the" taieddhra" and numerous pasta dishes.